Unscripted: 'The Brain' vs 'Killer Kaminsky'

In this corner we have David "the brain" Faber and in this corner we have Gary "the killer" Kaminsky.

Two of the toughest, best in shape, 40-somethings on the street. But between them, which one is the toughest?

Kaminsky a former regular on CNBC's Squawk Box is now the Vice Chairman of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. Faber is the co-anchor of Squawk on the Street. CNBC's Brian Steel caught up with the pair to ask them if they went mano e mono - who would win in the boxing ring.

Both are in peak shape and can go toe-to-toe with their workout routines. Faber hits the water; swimming 10,000 yards a week while Kaminsky mixes it up with swimming, running, lifting weights and push-ups.

It's time to rumble: CNBC-style (uh, that means no real fisticuffs) for our new series, "Unscripted."

-CNBC's Gloria McDonough-Taub