CCTV script 08/07/13

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on August 7, Wednesday

TV funny-man Ashton Kutcher is set to reveal his serious side in a new movie portraying the life of Steve Jobs.

CNBC's Julia Boorstin takes a sneak

[Steve Jobs biopic 'Jobs' will open in the U.S. next Friday, from independent distributor Open Road Films.

The eight and a half million dollar budget movie following Steve Jobs from college dropout to iconic entrepreneur says it's "inspired by a true story"... It was financedby entrepreneur Mark Hulme,

He's never produced a movie and lives over a thousand miles from Hollywood... ...He founded five star institute- a publishing and conference company for the mortgage industry...

When jobs stepped down, Hulme wanted to tell his story and commissioned a screenplay from one of his company's writers. He lured star Ashton Kutcher, by appealing to his admiration for jobs... Which he spoke about today with Maria Bartiromo.

(sound on tape by Ashton Kutcher: When I saw the film, I read the script, I really -- I wanted to honor this man that we admire, and I wanted to honor him in a way that the people that loved him remembered him. Secondly, it terrified me. And I've usually found the greatest rewards in my life come from taking on things that are a little bit scary. And lastly, I love what the film stands for. The current state of jobs in the literal sense of jobs.)

Despite an A-list cast the film's debut at Sundance drew mediocre reviews, prompting delays for edits and marketing... Now the question is whether Hulme's investment in this passion project will pay off.

(Sound on tape by Paul Dergarabedian, Hollywood.Com: If everyone that owns an Iphone or an Ipad or an Apple product goes to see this movie, it will be a huge hit, but that's not necessarily going to happen.)

It also helps that as Ashton Kutcher has fourteen and a half million twitter followers and stars in hit Two and a Half Men

But this isnt the only film looking to immortalize Steve Jobs -- Aaron Sorkin is working on a film based on walter isaacson's biography which had jobs participation...No word on when it'll come out.]

Apart from his passion for acting, Ashton Kutcher has also made some savvy ventures into the tech space. Maria also asked him about his investment strategy.

Have a listen

[The companies that we look for are mostly consumer-facing software technologies. And the first thing we look for is the density of the problem that they're solving. So we're not looking for companies off the bat that we go, oh, that company's going to make an x amount of money and has x market cap. The second thing we look for are extraordinary entrepreneurs. You know, a lot of these companies that we invest in,

They are two guys in a garage with a powerpoint and a dog. You know. And so, you have to sort of see through everything else and go, is this guy or girl going to build something that is going to be enduring?

Do they have passion for the problem they're trying to solve? Do they have the kind of will power that's going to take them through the challenges? Because, you know, like steve jobs, they're going to face

Great challenges along the way, and they'll face adversity, and face people who tell them they

Can't do it. And when they start, they're going to call -- like steve jobs did -- and people aren't going to know

Your name. They're going to go, jobs? Yes, j-o-b-s. And you have to have a level of perseverance and will to actually drive through that. And then you have to have the know-how. And the moxie to actually put

Together the pieces and build the solution in a really effective way.]

Li Sixuan, from CNBC's Asia headquarters."