Premiere Opportunities Group, Inc announces Expectation of Profitability, Corporate Overview and Share Structure

Totowa NJ, Aug. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premiere Opportunities Group, Inc's ( PPBL: OTCQX) Chairman Chris H Giordano stated "We are pleased to announce our expected expected profitability in the fourth quarter of 2013. This is a turning point for Premiere and its shareholders after a long and arduous recapitalization of the old company we inherited 5 years back. It is with great expectation that we look forward to 2014 now being a substantial year for us with a continued stream of business and opportunity before us in both operating divisions.

Our advisory services division known as Trident Merchant Group, Inc is producing a crop of new cleints with a wide array of companies. Some which are incubator stage like Direct LED, Inc and Advanced Credit Technologies, Inc., (ACRT:OTCQB), while others have considerably more seasoned operating histories and more substantial revenues and earnings.

Our services are in demand since we are able to have a company go public in an S-1 format at a fraction of the cost and avoid the expense and potential pitfalls of the reverse merger market. In addition we bring a world class banking team to the equation which can assist each company with its corporate structure, strategic planning, licensing and branding needs.We also maintain relationships with several investment banks and funds which can augment the initial needs of a company to get access to capital via the public markets.

This bundle of services is attracting a line outside our door at the current moment. It is our intent as stated before to generate both cash compensation and equity stakes in each client company. Once we establish the equity stake we will reserve a proportionate amount for distribution to our shareholders of record at a future interval when the client company's common stock has established a more liquid market for its own securities.

Our apparel division is starting to gain traction as well. We are looking to establish joint ventures with younger designer manufacturers that are in need of distribution for their line of clothing. Our overseas partners in Korea, Taiwan and China have long established distribution channels which allow us to give the US based desginer something they cannot gain access to on their own. We are in discussions with several designers and are looking to make a substantial footprint which we feel could lead to substantial profits in the future for this division. Our model is to maintain control over each JV where we are resposible for oversight on the design as well as the distribution of the clothing line. Expenses are borne by each individual company which allows us to operate very efficiently and add no overhead to our already existing low to almost overhead exisitence.

As to our Capital Structure we do not have any debt which is of any consequence and could either impair, block or create any changes to our share structure, business model and or impede our future cash flows.

We are not in the habit of diluting our shareholder base since we have no need for serious capital, have no convertible debt or hybrid equity and no need for capital of any serious nature. Neither division needs capital other than travel expenses with our overseas division to operate. We do not issue any shares to the Joint Ventures we create for the apparel division and do not expect to do so unless neccessary in reward of great benefit to Premiere.

Furthermore, we have received several inquiries as to our share structure and in order to bring more lucidity the situation to people that do not trust what they read in the financials.

As of our last quarter we have 179,253,149 shares outstanding of which 22,204,260 are Restricted Securities.

As to the Authorized Shares and the intent to increase that amount. For the foreseeable future I dont expect to see an increase at all. I expect that we will be working within the constraints of the 200,000,000 Authorized shares and turn this company into a profitable streamlined venue that has two lines of business. Assisting companies in the process of becoming public and buliding a substantial apparel business that at some future point we will spin off as a dividend to Premiere shareholders.

CONTACT: Chris H Giordano 973-291-8900 Source:Premiere Opportunities Group, Inc.