Disruptive CEOs on how to be a disruptor

In business, disruptors are often thought of as leaders who uproot the status quo and transform the way we live and work.

LendingClub.com, for example, hopes to change the way we borrow and lend money.

CEO Renaud Laplanche said many consumers want to bypass banks in hopes of saving money. For the private individuals who act as the site's lenders, the proof is in LendingClub's history.

"We have the entire loan portfolio available for download on our website. You can see all the loans that have ever been issued by LendingClub since we started in 2007 and look at the performance of every single loan," he said.

CVent, a company that went public Friday, aims to upset the event management marketplace, a $565-billion-a-year industry, by addressing the needs of attendees.

"To penetrate the global market, there is a lot of changes going on with mobile," founder and CEO Reggie Aggarwal said. "All attendees that go to events are mobile professionals, and they're kind of going outside the front door to meeting organizers with pitchforks and torches saying, 'We need mobile apps and mobile devices to make it easier.' "

So what does it mean to be a disruptor? We talked to 10 experts who have created new businesses, asking them to share their secrets to success and change.