U.S. Security Associates' New Security Management Technology Is a Game Changer

U.S. Security Associates Inc.

ATLANTA, Aug. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As U.S. Security Associates (USA) rolls out its new Security Information SystemSM enterprise-wide, security directors across the country are getting their first taste of the technology that is revolutionizing the way security operations are managed. In an industry where quarterly reporting on key performance indicators has been the norm, USA is breaking new ground with a system that delivers access around-the-clock to real-time performance data and analysis.

Clients can log in to SISSM (short for Security Information SystemSM) from any internet-connected computer via a secure web portal and instantly have a dashboard for the entire security operation at their fingertips. Information constantly streams into SISSM from multiple systems and sources for key performance indicators such as: background screening, security officer training and certification, overtime, retention, turnover, uniform compliance, security meetings, satisfaction surveys, tour results, post orders, invoice accuracy and unparalleled incident analysis.

The performance information presented on each client's dashboard is customized to reflect the client's preferences and priorities. For every performance indicator, users can drill down with a few clicks of a mouse from high-level enterprise summaries to the actual data, hard copy forms and compliance evidence on file at branch offices of the security company.

This functionality provides a level of operational hierarchical transparency never before available in the security service industry. In addition, SISSM optimizes the productivity of USA's human resources, billing and operations managers by reducing the time they spend on administrative tasks. They can quickly and easily check compliance, research billing questions, and provide customized reporting. From one central dashboard, they can complete tasks that once required opening multiple applications, consolidating data manually, referring to paper files and performing complicated calculations.

USA's account teams continue to provide clients with traditional monthly and quarterly reporting and documentation at many different levels of sophistication, but now, clients and account managers can keep closer, more immediate tabs on performance through SISSM – a powerful easy-to-use application that delivers centralized data and analysis and 24/7 operations and compliance visibility.

Through real-time reporting, transparency and disclosure, SISSM not only serves as a performance measurement tool but also as a performance driver. Security teams perform with the expectation of being held accountable on a real-time, continuous basis – not at the end of the month or at the end of the quarter. SISSM is security management technology that is re-defining security management.


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