Forget Priceline: this stock is also headed to $1,000

There's a lot of buzz about Priceline potentially crossing the $1,000 mark.

Should it do so, Priceline will be the first stock in the S&P 500 to be priced over $1,000 per share. After reporting better-than-expected earnings, shares surged 5%. Besides reporting earnings of $9.70 per share for the previous quarter, the company also guided current quarter revenues to between 23% and 30% higher than last year.

(Watch: Priceline moves towards $1,000)

That led a slew of Wall Street Analysts to raise their price targets:

Priceline Target Price
Firm Raised to From % Increase Rating
Credit Suisse $1,200 $924 29.9% Outperform
Lazard $1,200 $950 26.3% Buy
Stifel $1,200 $1,025 17.1% Buy
Macquarie $1,170 $1,000 17.0% Outperform
Jefferies $1,130 $1,005 12.4% Buy
JP Morgan $1,130 $1,040 8.7% Overweight
RBC Capital $1,110 $900 23.3% Outperform
Evercore $1,100 $975 12.8% Overweight
Raymond James $1,100 $1,050 4.8% Outperform
Cantor Fitzgerald $1,050 $900 16.7% Buy
Avgerage: $1,139 $977 16.6%

While the probability is very high that Priceline can at least hit $1,000, that doesn't mean it's a given. Meanwhile, the second- and third-highest priced stocks in the S&P 500 are also working their way toward that magical price: Google ($893) and MasterCard ($641). And like Priceline, which is up 74% this year, these other two companies are having a good run. MasterCard is up 50% while Google is up "only" 39% in 2013.

Among Priceline, Google, and MasterCard, where should you put your money?

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Talking Numbers asked Erin Gibbs, Equity Chief Investment Officer for Standard & Poor's Investment Advisory Services, her take on the fundamentals. Gibbs is responsible for approximately $4.5 Billion in equity assets under advisory.

On the technicals, Talking Numbers asked Jeff Tomasulo, Managing Partner of Belpointe Alternative Investments, to look at the charts of one of these companies. He says one of the three has a bigger opportunity with less of the risk compared to the others.

To see what Gibbs and Tomasulo have to say about Priceline, Google, and MasterCard, watch the video above.


1. Gibbs is the Equity Chief Investment Officer for Standard & Poor's Investment Advisory Services LLC.

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