Los Gatos Health Practitioner Partners With TRANSFORMATIONS 360(TM) Diabetes and Weight Loss Program

LOS GATOS, Calif., Aug. 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Judy McGrain, DC of McGrain Chiropractic in Los Gatos has partnered with TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc., a diabetes prevention, fat loss and wellness company, to help address America's diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity challenges.

"I am excited to play an important role in bringing an affordable value to the Los Gatos community that will educate, energize and empower individuals to never become diabetic with an effective weight management program while living a healthy lifestyle," said Dr. McGrain.

Los Gatos chiropractor Dr. McGrain is one of the more than 1,000 trained and certified TRANSFORMATIONS' Health Practitioners across America to provide a wellness center. The clinic location is 14127 Capri Dr. Los Gatos, CA.

TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc. is the leader of the wellness industry in educating, exciting and empowering people on how to achieve optimal health and maintain it over time helping hundreds of thousands people across the nation. TRANSFORMATIONS offers healthcare practitioners programs that prevent diabetes, reverses pre-diabetes, weans people off their lifestyle induced medication, addresses obesity with sustainable weight loss programs and a system to pinpoint the root cause of a patient's symptoms.

One out of three Americans is diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, making it essential to find a program that not only addresses the root cause of this epidemic, but also in the process empowers people on how to make changes to their dietary and lifestyle habits to be in control of their key wellness markers, especially their blood sugar. TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ is designed to address these issues.

In addition, TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ also pinpoints the root cause of symptoms by determining whether it is a nutritional deficiency, chronic condition, unhealthy food habits or excessive body fat and weight. Once the root cause is addressed and corrected, the net result allows people to wean off their lifestyle induced medication. TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ is administered and supervised by a specially trained healthcare practitioner to ensure universal success. In the process, the patient's personal and unique WICO® Wellness Score is established by evaluating 15 key health makers.

Individuals interested in understanding if they are pre-diabetic and/or establishing a weight management program may contact Dr. McGrain to schedule a consultation. The consultation and testing services will establish a patient's personal WICO® Wellness Score and pinpoint the root cause of their symptoms and ways to control unhealthy blood sugar so as to never let it become a diabetic condition as weight loss is maintained.

For more information about Dr. McGrain visit: www.losgatoschiropractor.net. To view the Pre Diabetes YouTube Presentation visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPRpECALK8U.

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