"The Best Job Around the World" is Now Taking Applications

NEW YORK, Aug. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "The Best Job Around the World," spending a year traveling the globe all expenses paid, has been unveiled for applications beginning today through September 15. The successful applicant for Jauntaroo's Chief World Explorer (CWE) position will visit destinations both on and off the beaten path including Berlin, Calistoga, Costa Navarino, Fort Worth, the Maldives, Nassau-Paradise Island and St. Lucia. The successful CWE will receive a salary of $100,000 to share travel experiences through social media and digital webisodes.

Travel website Jauntaroo, known as 'vacation matchmakers' will be utilizing their matchmaking skills to find the right fit for the role which also emphasizes giving back to the communities the CWE visits.

"This is simply the best job in and around the world," said Tom Wilson, Jauntaroo's Chief Commercial Officer. "A great salary to travel the world for a year, sharing your experiences and leaving places a little better than you found them. It checks all the boxes for my dream job. I wish I could apply!"

Beyond the beach walks, mud baths and safaris, the CWE will participate in "VolunTourism" activities, promoting awareness of ways in which vacationers can help the communities they visit.

Applicants can apply at Jauntaroo.com by posting a 60-second video explaining why they should be chosen. Family and friends can show support by "liking" candidates' profiles and videos. Jauntaroo will announce the top 50 candidates and the Final 5 will go on to in-person interviews.

Jauntaroo, which launched in 2011, already donates $1 for each booking made through their site to "Travel With A Cause," its philanthropic initiative supporting nonprofit organizations dedicated to education, health, well-being and of course VolunTourism. Now, in seeking and promoting its hire of a community and environmentally-minded Explorer, the company is stepping up its efforts to make giving back a consideration for world travelers.

"We firmly believe that travel has the power not only to open one's eyes to new cultures and experiences but also gives us the opportunity to leave a destination better than we found it," said Mr. Wilson. "Jauntaroo is the vacation matchmaker as no other travel site recommends destinations based on each traveler's own individual vacation wishlist."

Jauntaroo broadens vacation planners' world by recommending travel destinations tailored to their interests and budgets. Travelers can also utilize the "Quick Find" search box for easy access to destinations and activities. Most travel websites only help travelers who know exactly where they want to go.

Rather than just comparing prices and hotels for specific locations, Jauntaroo first asks vacation planners about the type of trip they are interested in, activities they want to do and their budget. Whether they prefer mountains or beaches, family-friendly destinations or party/nightlife, they simply click up to five icons to receive locations around the world that offer what they want within their budget.

From the prioritized list of natural search results, visitors view and become familiar with individual destination pages that provide a wealth of information including original descriptions, images, "Best Known For" activities, featured accommodations, to-do items and user reviews.

About Jauntaroo:

Jauntaroo matches travelers with global vacation destinations. Simply click what you love in vacations and we'll match you with destinations based on your preferences and budget. Travelers now have the tool to answer the age-old question, "Where should I go on vacation?"

With about 300 global destinations, Jauntaroo is the first vacation planning tool that delivers a customized destination list allowing travelers to effectively explore and compare destinations based on vacation needs and desires.

For more information, go to www.jauntaroo.com.

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