ConnectWise, LabTech, Quosal and CharTec CEOs Offer Partners Insight Into the ModernOffice Suite During Exclusive Webinar

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TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectWise, developer of the leading service management software designed exclusively for IT service providers, VARS, ISVs and MSPs, today announced that ModernOffice Suite CEOs, including Arnie Bellini of ConnectWise, Matt Nachtrab of LabTech Software, Kent McNall of Quosal and Alex Rogers of CharTec, joined forces for a unique partner-driven webinar, held exclusively for ModernOffice customers. During the webinar, the industry icons offered partners valuable insight into what the ModernOffice is, why it was created, the unique feature set available and the future convergence direction of the offering.

The ModernOffice Suite leverages seamless integration of three best-in-class platforms, ConnectWise (Professional Services Automation), LabTech Software (Remote Monitoring & Management) and Quosal (Quote & Proposal Automation) to deliver an end-to-end IT lifecycle management solution while utilizing CharTec as the exemplar IT Service Provider powered by the ModernOffice.

"We created the ModernOffice Suite for our partners with a simple goal in mind: to create the industry's only true end-to-end business solution," said Arnie Bellini, ConnectWise CEO. "Partner feedback, collaboration and overall involvement is extremely important to all of us involved in the ModernOffice, which is why we took the opportunity to collaboratively share the vision and passion we have for it with our partners first and foremost."

"This webinar was a great experience for me in terms of hearing about the vision and roadmap directly from the CEOs building the ModernOffice Suite," said Matt Dryfhout, CEO of Linkatech Technologies. "The ModernOffice CEOs are a talented and driven bunch who make up a great dynamic. The fact that they came together and created this webinar for partners illustrates their commitment to us and further reinforces my commitment to utilize the ModernOffice."

Bellini, Nachtrab, McNall and Rogers, all of whom are considered industry thought leaders and have years of experience in the IT solution provider industry, covered important themes and topics during the webinar including the following:

  • Integration: The beauty of ModernOffice is the ability to seamlessly integrate three industry-leading platforms. The CEOs discussed how ModernOffice products go far beyond simple integration, and gave insight into how the three companies will continue collaborating to make integration points even stronger.
  • Innovation: The CEOs also discussed how they will continue to foster innovation and ground-breaking functionality across the ModernOffice products through close, tight-knit collaboration between developers and the CEOs (who are often in close proximity of one another).
  • Future-proofing business: Bellini, Nachtrab, McNall and Rogers discussed ways in which their companies are looking into the future and designing flexible, scalable solutions -- delivered through the ModernOffice -- that will address future industry challenges.
  • "Expert System" Concept: The CEOs discussed the art of leveraging technology to empower business owners to work on their business, versus in their business. They discussed how developing an expert system and plugging the right people into that system creates subject matter experts and allows your business to eventually run itself.

To learn more about how the ModernOffice Suite can help your business, please visit: www.ModernOfficeSuite.com.

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