Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. (ARC) Announces New Sensor Upgrade & Extended Flight Plan

Fishkill, New York, Aug. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. ( announced today that it has upgraded its hyperspectral sensor in time for its newly extended flight operations. This is on the heels of its successful InfoAg conference debut. Due to the overwhelming response from the precision Ag pros, ARC has invested in an upgraded sensor to further advance its superior technology within its agricultural operations. With reliable deliveries every other week throughout a growing season, AgVu™; uniquely provides timely detection of areas when and where crops need attention for improved yields at reduced cost.

The new sensor provides enhanced capabilities and visualization for the benefit of farm operations across the US. The timing of the enhancements coincides with the expanded flight operations in support of both existing and new AgVu™ customers. The AgVu™ images have consistently shown areas of concern in the customer fields earlier than the human eye or other technologies could detect.

According to ARC's AgVu™; Program Manager Dr. Chris Jones, "This sensor upgrade is another evolutionary technological step in providing our customers with the best possible crop analysis data to assist them with their yields." Jones added, "This upgrade also enables us to better service our rapidly growing customer base."

Since beginning flight operations in the Central Valley of California in May, AgVu™ has benefitted customers throughout California and now the Midwest by providing early and timely information for a wide variety of crops such as corn, wheat, nuts, tomatoes, strawberries, and watermelons. AgVu™ simply pinpoints issues and the location of those issues, allowing the grower to more efficiently manage farm operations and reduce costs of resources.

*Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. (ARC) ( is a world leader in the research, development, and production of advanced multispectral and hyperspectral sensor systems with real-time processing for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and a wide range of commercial and environmental applications.

*AgVu™ is a complete and diverse crop analysis map and tool, showing farmers areas of their field that need attention before they become untreatable. The information obtained can help identify factors related to crop yield, irrigation, fertilization, weed propagation, crop health, crop maturity, evolution of crop growth and even variations in crop types.

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