Cramer cites company as global 'game changer’

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Chances are you know this company well, but you may not know how critical their products are to the emerging world.

"Some companies make products so revolutionary, they can transform the globe," explained the Mad Money host.

That, said Cramer, is how he views Tupperware.

"The company is literally transforming societies at a fundamental level all over the developing world. I think of it as a Tupperware revolution," Cramer explained.

That's the same Tupperware that's been a part of American culture for well over 50 years, celebrated for its now iconic Tupperware parties. The company's colorful products are renowned for 'locking in freshness.'


However, in other parts of the world, 'locking in freshness' is much more than a memorable tag line. In emerging markets, where the cost of food is a substantial as percentage of income, keeping food fresh longer can be life saving.

"And it's also a way for people, particularly women, to earn some additional income," Cramer said, "particularly in regions where the idea of women in the workforce is, let's say, frowned upon,"

Cramer believes a company that makes products which help the less fortunate emerge from poverty has value well beyond dollars and cents. However, looking at the return, the stock has generated a 473% return since Cramer initially recommended it in October of 2006.

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And the Mad Money host believes recent results confirm the story for some time to come. "The company reported about three weeks ago and the results were absolutely terrific," Cramer said.

"You catch this kind of stock and you can usually make a bundle," Cramer said. It's at the heart of a sea change. And you can feel good about owning it too.

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