Green PolkaDot Box Incorporated Announces 10-Year Pact for the Sale of Living Produce(TM) With Fresh Organics

AMERICAN FORK, Utah, Aug. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Polka Dot Box Incorporated (OTCBB:GPDB) announced today that it secured a contract for the sale of its Living Produce™ with Fresh Organics LLC, an international organic produce distributor headquartered of Miami, Florida.

The 10-year contract, valued at over $616,000,000, will be executed in several stages over the term of the Agreement. Beginning in November 2013, the first phase includes mandates for the development of organically grown bell peppers in all color varieties, red and green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, cucumbers and assorted tomato varieties, including organic heirlooms. While the initial contract phase is limited to the mentioned varieties, future phases will include a larger selection of the Living Produce™ as growing and processing capacities increase.

Green PolkaDot Box is extremely proud of its partnership with Fresh Organics. Referring to the landmark agreement, GPDB CEO Rod Smith commented: "Our deal with such a high quality, reputable purveyor of organic produce is both an equitable and significant move to ensure the growth of our Living Produce™ program, leading to benefits for all health-minded consumers."

Likewise, Marcus Meurs, president of Fresh Organics, shares his enthusiasm about the Agreement: "Our expertise in sales and marketing of organic fruits and vegetables makes us a perfect fit with GPDB. GPDB produces the premium product in the organics category and Fresh Organics brings it to market via a proven supply train. With today's growing emphasis on eliminating food contamination, protecting against food allergies and conserving our precious soil and water resources, we believe the GPDB product line will be met with resounding success in the marketplace."

The partnership with Fresh Organics enables GPDB to develop and grow an immense variety of organic produce for its genius delivery platform (Key word LIVING); but it also opens up a sustainable program for distribution of a steady, year-round supply of Living Produce™ and other organic varieties to the wholesale buyers—in the U.S. and around the world—at affordable prices.

Fulfillment of this contract will commence upon completion of the first phases of development for Living Produce Growing Center in Utah and, subsequently, Jacksonville, Florida by the end of 2013.

Benefits of Living Produce

Superior Plant Nutrients: Living Produce™, based on proprietary growing technology, delivers the full spectrum of nutrients required for healthy, sustainable plant growth. "Customers will be able to see and taste the difference," says Smith. Consumers will also know the vitamin/mineral content of each plant and their respective benefits in promoting a strong, healthy immune system.

"In many cases," Smith explains, "the varieties we offer alive when harvested locally and delivered, same or next day to commercial customers. These plants we sell can remain alive for 7-10 days before they begin to deteriorate."

Year-Round Availability: Our Living Produce™ will be grown in "closed" indoor, climate-controlled growing centers, enabling year-round production of popular favorite varieties and other rare species that are sometimes very hard to get.

Less Environmental Impact: Living Produce™ grown with vertical technology requires about 88% less land mass for production and up to 95% less water normally required. But that's not all. With some varieties the growing cycle is only 30-90 days; meaning that harvest yields can be up to 12 times the normal yield of traditionally grown plants.

Enhanced Food Safety: Smith also said: "Because vertical growing of Living Produce™ can take place in closed system of green house facilities we can maintain a clean growing and handling environment, eliminating overspray from pesticides, herbicides, cross-pollination of GMO's and harmful pathogens, enhancing food safety."

Fresh Organics is known for exceptional quality fruits and vegetables that are grown in compliance with national and international standards for sustainable and fairly traded agriculture. Supporting communities and farmers alike. Responsible and ethical business practice and management making the least impact on the environment.

Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB) is America's premier online membership club for organic and non-GMO natural foods at wholesale pricing. It is the only major online store that refuses to carry any products or ingredients containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). GPDB leverages proprietary technology with its dynamic, interactive website and member relationship management software to provide a unique shopping and membership experience. The Company plans to grow membership with individuals and families looking for natural non-GMO products and organic choices for up to a 60% discount off retail prices. Living Produce™ Benefits include Superior Plant Nutrients, Enhanced Food Safety, Year-Round Availability, Lowest Pricing with FREE Home Delivery and Less Environmental Impact.

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