National Student Loan Relief Says Consolidation Can Bring a Different Quality of Day-to-Day Life to Post Graduates

MURRIETA, Calif., Aug. 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NSLR, a student loan debt consolidation company located in Murrieta, CA recently caught wind of a study about students' who have debt hovering over them compared to those students without the debt to think about. In a recent study from Indiana University, it has been found that students who don't view debt as imminent are more likely to enjoy the party scene that college has to offer.

When students are debt free, less time is spent on studying which allows for more time spent on their social lives and extracurricular activities. Not wanting to give off a negative impression, IU sociology grad Daniel Rudel said, "These patterns could affect their social connections and the networking students develop in college, where these relationships can lead to friendships, employment, marriage partners and other benefits."

The same could be said for us as adults according to NSLR CEO, Mason Yashirmo. "If you think about it, when graduates begin a new chapter in their lives, it's already crowded with debt they took out for college. If adults didn't have to think about that much debt, they could at least breathe easier because it's easier to manage. They could enjoy life like those debt free students in school. They could keep building relationships to achieve greater success in their work life and social lives as well."

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