Ron Paul: Why gold will explode higher

There are gold bugs, gold bulls, and then there is Ron Paul.

The former US Congressman, and now budding media mogul (more on that in a minute), has been down on the dollar and up on gold for some time now.

And bullion's recent breakdown hasn't dulled his enthusiasm for the shiny metal. In fact, he's doubling down.

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You can hear Paul's full Talking Numbers interview above, but some choice excerpts from the interview below.

On gold's "explosion":

"I think what's going to happen to gold, it's going to explode when they realize that the economy is going down, that we're really in a recession."

On the dollar:

"[The Fed] took a dollar and eliminated 98% of its purchasing power and they're doing that more rapidly than ever but it just hasn't been fully discounted. When it is, gold is going to be much, much higher."

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But to hear exactly why Ron Paul is so bullish, watch his Talking Numbers interview in the video above.

[Post Script: for those of you who cannot get enough of Ron Paul, check out his new online network at It is sure to be as provocative as he is.]

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