Lonely? Enjoy the comforts of a (fake) lady's lap

Developer of 'Hizamakura', or lap pillow, Makoto Igarashib.
Koichi Kamoshida - Getty Images
Developer of 'Hizamakura', or lap pillow, Makoto Igarashib.

Feeling lonely? In Japan, you can enjoy the comforts of a (fake) lady with popular pillows shaped like a woman's lap.

Introduced several years ago, the Hizamakura 'Lap Pillow' is gaining steam again among men who crave the comforting sensation of resting their heads on their mother's lap.

The foam pillow is shaped like a pair of women's legs kneeling "Japanese-style" and comes clothed in either a red or black skirt.

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"Sometimes all you really want is a home comfort close at hand," travel expert Oonagh Shiel told the Daily Mail. "What could be better than a pack-away lap to soothe those occasional bouts of homesickness?"

The lap pillows have become a popular purchase among travelers at duty-free shops in the Tokyo and Narita airports.

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They're also sold online through the website Japan Trend Shop for about $85.

The product description reads:

"Missing that special someone? Longing for the feeling of comfort and warmth you only from a woman's lap? Maybe you just want to take a nap and need a pillow? Shaped just like a beautiful woman's lap, kneeling in Japanese-style, the Hizamakura 'Lap Pillow' gives the best re-creation available, complete with your choice of a red or black skirt to top it off. Hizamakura is soft and elastic to the touch, and perfectly suited to lying your head on."

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Ladies, are you looking for comfort, too? Try the Boyfriend Pillow, which mimics the sensation of a man's arm around your shoulder.