Taking a day off? Ferris Bueller Ferrari is up for auction

Source: Mecum Auctions

If you are thinking of taking a day off, you might want to consider taking off with the Ferris Bueller Ferrari.

One of three cars used for the '80s classic "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" will be on the block this weekend at Mecum Auctions in Monterey, Calif.

The car, one of the most famous in film history, is expected to sell for more than $250,000. But given the extravagant prices paid recently for Hollywood cars—such as $4.6 million for the Batmobile—some say Ferris' ride could fetch as much as $1 million.

The Ferris vehicle is not an actual 1963 Ferrari California Spyder, but a replica produced by the specialized carmaker Modena called the Modena Spyder.

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John Hughes, who directed "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," had originally planned to use a Mercedes, but after seeing a picture of a Ferrari replica he decided to use a Modena car instead, largely because of price. A real 1963 California Spyder would have cost more than $300,000, while a look-alike was about $25,000.

The Ferrari being auctioned was used several times in the movie, including when Ferris picks up his girlfriend Sloane from school and when he drives down the freeway and throws his hat up into the air. It also was used in the jumping scene.

Neil Glassmoyer and Mark Goyett founded Modena, and Glassmoyer owns the car that will be auctioned.

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It took him 10 years to restore the car, after it had been sitting in storage. The jumping scene had taken a toll. It took nine takes to film it and two versions of the car were used. Both cars ended up with broken front suspension bolts.

"I've had it for 25 years," he said. "I've had a great time with it. I got a lot of other cars, and I figured it's time that someone else have some fun. They can have their own day off.

"I would like to see it out on the weekends and just have some fun with the car," Glassmoyer added. "It's amazing to drive it past a school bus of kids and just see all the kids peak their heads out the window and yell, 'Ferris Bueller.' "

As Ferris would say, "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."