New Indio Law School Shatters California Baby Bar Pass Rate

Indio, CA, Aug. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Students of the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law (CDTA) achieved the singular distinction of scoring the highest pass rate on the most recent California First Year Law Student's Exam (Baby Bar), it was reported Monday.

The Baby Bar is given twice a year by the State Bar of California to test the competence of first year law students. The traditional pass rate is approximately 20%. Results from the June 25, 2013 Baby Bar exam for CDTA were 77% which is almost 4 times the historical average and the highest score for any law school of its kind on the recent California exam.

"We owe it all to our phenomenal faculty" says John Patrick Dolan, Dean of CDTA, "and not only is the majority of our faculty returning this year but we have added four new professors to our teaching staff."

The faculty at CDTA consists of Professors Julie Bornstein and Sheila Williams teaching Contracts, Dean John Patrick Dolan and Professor Sue Steding teaching Criminal Law, Judge John Evans, Judge David Chapman and Professor Samuel Trussell teaching Torts, Dean Philip Drucker and Professor Andrea Dolan Bouchard teaching Property, Professor Steven Weinberg teaching Civil Procedure and "California District Attorney of the Year" Professor Pete Nolan teaching Evidence.

The mission at the California Desert Trial Academy is educating, training, and developing extraordinary advocates. Courses are uniquely taught in a real courtroom environment, by real lawyers and real judges. The academic program includes:

  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Legal Writing Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills

CDTA is a new candidate law school in Indio, CA, that has applied to be a registered unaccredited law school by the State Bar of California. After completion of the first year students are required to take a "baby bar exam" and they will qualify to take the California State Bar Examination after the completion of their four-year CDTA course of study.

Fall registration remains open until mid-September. Any student wishing to become an extraordinary legal advocate through the CDTA curriculum should contact Registrar Irene Garcia Dolan at CDTA - 800.859.0888 or visit the law school web site

CONTACT: CDTA Dean John Patrick Dolan 562.824.4007 Source:California Desert Trial Academy College of Law