Ingen Technologies: Telecom Division Carries the Revenue Torch

  • TATA Communications Contracts Expanding Revenues
  • China Unicom Contracts Expanding Revenues
  • Projected Revenues of $25 Million Expansion
  • IGNT Settlement Reduction in $2.4 Million
  • Ingen Preparing for a Share Buy Back Program and Dividend Program
  • IGNT Prepares for More Telecom Acquisitions
  • Telecom Industry Revenues at $4.7 Trillion and 3 Percent of the Gross World Product
  • Ingen and ATMC Telecom Business Has Contracts With Global Telecom Leaders

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Aug. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ingen Technologies Inc. (OTC:IGNT), ( a holding company of two subsidiaries announces today that due to the recent spike in revenues management will focus on more acquisitions of smaller telecom routes and expanding routes with major global carriers such as TATA Communications and China Unicom.

"Ingen is on roll with its new Telecom Division acquired several months ago. We've been able to expand in a direction of stability and profits. Our focus will continue to include decreasing debts and convertible notes in order to minimize share dilution as we go back to a fully reporting status with OTC. This will allow the company to buy back shares, increase share price and shareholder equity. We will consider selling our medical division as a part of our decision to decrease debts and burdens that effect our equity position," stated Gary Tilden, Chairman.

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Source:Ingen Technologies, Inc.