SimpleRelevance Report Reveals Marketers Fail to Target Customers Correctly with Email

CHICAGO, IL., Aug. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SimpleRelevance, a leading personalized digital marketing company, today released a report "Marketers Use Technology to Drive Individualized Messaging." The report showcases the importance of targeting customers at the individual level rather than on demographic segment data.
SimpleRelevance data scientists analyzed individual customers' email behavior to assess each person's propensity to open email and click through to a marketer's website. Analysis proved a significant disconnect between customer email behavior and marketer's only executing on basic segmentation data.

"Data has made it very easy for marketers to interact with each individual customer the way they prefer to be engaged – personalizing subject lines, sending email at the best time for each customer, offering products they'd genuinely be interested in," said Erik Severinghaus, founder and CEO of SimpleRelevance. "The issue is that many marketers use just one piece of that data to "personalize" the interaction, and time and again it falls short of customer expectations. Our study proves the problem and we can solve it."

The report indicates that individuals have their own unique clicking behavior and marketers will see the highest email interaction if they treat each customer as a unique opportunity rather than segmenting them by basic demographic categories.

Some key findings are:

• Customers open email during as many as 23 out of 24 hours during the day.
• Although customers open email several times throughout the day, 62 percent only click through to the website during one single hour per day.
• Men click more frequently in the early morning, while women click more frequently in the afternoon to evening
• People earning $150,000 or more are more likely to click from 5am until 8am, while people earning $75,000 or less are more active from 9am until 8pm.

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