New World Systems Selected to Connect Delaware Public Safety Agencies Statewide

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TROY, Mich., Aug. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A first-of-its-kind public safety project in Delaware will soon provide easy information sharing and improved collaboration between agencies statewide. The Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security signed an agreement with New World Systems to implement Aegis™ Public Safety software and connect nearly every public safety agency in the State. New world, which offers the required suite of software and technology as well as a proven partnership, will make Delaware the first state to complete a project of this magnitude.

As part of the agreement, the agencies already using New World's software - including the Delaware State Police, Delaware Department of Transportation, the University of Delaware, and the cities of Wilmington, Newark, Dover, Seaford, Rehoboth, and Kent County - will benefit from a new state-of-the-art Computer Aided Dispatch system and Mobile Computing. The agreement also provides New Castle County, the largest dispatch center in the State, with New World's software for the first time.

"We're joining this statewide venture because having everyone on the same public safety software, sharing the same information seamlessly, is going to improve the safety of police, fire and EMS responders and be a huge benefit for the public," said Jeff Miller, Emergency Communications Chief for New Castle County. "New World's product is far superior to what we're using today, and we've seen the customer support and innovative style the company uses to enhance and move their products forward."

When complete, the project will provide all agencies with New World's integrated Aegis Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Enterprise.NET, Law Enforcement Records Management, Fire Records Management, Mobile Computing and Decision Support software built on the latest Microsoft technology.

"New World's software is a great fit because it's a full suite that is user-friendly for all three disciplines—Police, Fire and EMS," said Kevin Sipple, Assistant Director of Kent County Division of Emergency Communications. "Being on the same system across the State will allow us to share information, alleviate phone calls between 911 centers, and help us provide quicker service to the public."

The agencies are looking forward to a seamless CAD-to-CAD interface available in New World's CAD Enterprise.NET that allows call information to be transferred to any dispatch center in the State with a single touch of a button. The call and incident information is also updated in real time with all information visible to every agency involved. New World's Mobile software will keep officers connected in the field, and the integrated Records applications and advanced analysis capabilities will ensure police and fire agencies across the state are always informed.

"We're extremely excited to be the first in the country to do something like this," said Ken Allen, Technology Manager for the Delaware State Police. "There is huge potential with New World's CAD Enterprise.NET and CAD-to-CAD sharing, as well as tools like Decision Support and Mobile that will offer better information for everyone. The public safety agencies in our State work so closely together, New World's software will help us truly collaborate, getting rid of silos of information."

Trusted by more than 1,000 public sector organizations nationwide, New World Systems designs, develops, markets, supports and implements the integrated Aegis™ Suite of Public Safety Solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS and Logos.NET™ Public Administration Suite for local governments.


Source: New World Systems