900% gain in 9 years? Small potatoes for these stocks

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Nine years ago today Google started trading as a public company with the IPO pricing at $85. On Monday shares closed at $865 – a gain of more than 900%.

"As terrific as Google's percent gain has been since its IPO 9 years ago, it's been dwarfed by the performance of nine other stocks in the S&P 500," Cramer said.

Those 9 stocks follow along with Cramer's insights on whether they're good investments today.

9. At number 9 is Cabot Oil & Gas, which has rallied 1,034% since the Google IPO. "This is a play on the strength of its assets in the Marcellus shale. Cabot's been the most prolific producer of natural gas from this largely Pennsylvania dominated field," Cramer said. On June 25th, Cramer profiled this company in the Mad Money Invest in America series.

8. Salesforce.com is the next best performer at 1,341%. "The stock's been marking time here, but it's been a real bad idea to bet against CEO Marc Benioffand I don't think that's changed," Cramer said.

7. Intuitive Surgical has rallied 1,445% since the Google IPO. "I don't have much comment on ISRG other than you should read my colleague Herb Greenberg's stuff on CNBC.comas he's nailed the issue nine ways to Sunday. I never go against a Greenberg red-flag and this time's no different."

6. The next winner is Netflix, which has rallied 1,533% since Google came public. I think Netflix is still a buy," Cramer said, "but if you establish a new position in Netflix know that the stock is very xpensive."

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5. "Alexion, up 2,592%, comes next," Cramer said. "I'm concerned here because the move's been augmented lately by takeover talk and if we don't get one, I don't believe that Alexion stock can stay at these levels, even as I do agree that it has a healthy pipeline of innovative medicines."

4. Regeneron's value has vaulted 2,720% since Google came public. "The gains have everything to do with a revolutionary new drug for macular degeneration of the eye," Cramer said. Going forward Cramer sees potential elsewhere in the pipeline. "Today, Regeneron is moving ahead with a second franchise, an anti-cholesterol medicine for patients who can't tolerate statins, and I believe it could be a billion dollar blockbuster," he said.

3. "Next up is Apple," said Cramer. Despite the recent decline the stock still gained well over 3000% since Google went public. On August 14th, Cramer profiled technical analysis from Carolyn Boroden of FibonacciQueen.com; her interpretation of chart patterns favored the Apple bulls.

2. With gains of 4,293%, Monster Beverage returned more than Google as well as Apple. "Monster, which used to be Hansen Beverage, is one of two dominant plays in the energy drink category," Cramer explained. In an era of healthy eating the strength confounds Cramer. "I guess people still smoke for heaven's sake, they will certainly pound energy drinks," he said.

And the best performing stock is …

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1. The best stock in the S&P 500 since Google came public is Priceline. "It's roared 4,598% in the time since we started trading GOOG. To me, Priceline still makes a ton of sense," Cramer said. Not only does the Mad Money host expect Priceline to win share away from rivals as well as conventional travel agents, he also thinks the company's international strategy could benefit shareholders for some time to come.

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