Cramer: This behemoth on the prowl

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Watch for some M&A activity over the next few months if not weeks. Cramer smells deal.

"On Monday we learned that Norway-based Statoil is selling $2.65 billion worth of European properties to build a war chest of $7 billion to find more oil," Cramer said.

That's a lot of cash and Cramer has a few thoughts on where it could be going.

"We know that the company's extremely happy with its purchase of Brigham Exploration two years ago for $4.4 billion to get terrific Bakken shale properties in North Dakota. And Statoil's had a good experience with its joint venture with Chesapeake for a 32.5% interest in the latter's 1.8 million Marcellus shale acres which it paid $3.3 billion for five years ago," Cramer said.

With the newly discovered energy fields in our nation presenting even greater potential for profits – Cramer thinks there's good reason to believe that some if not all of the $7 billion comes here in the form of an acquisition.

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"I can see the company bidding for Whiting Petroleum," Cramer speculated. "It's a high quality producer with assets not that far from Brigham," he said. "The price tag seems in range, especially with Whiting down 10% from its high. And the company has delivered decent production growth."

Or, Cramer said Kodiak Oil & Gas could become the object of Statoil's affection. "It would be a less costly way to beef up Statoil's Bakken assets as it's only a $2.5 billion company. Kodiak had been for sale earlier this summer but nothing materialized. Perhaps it's now game on?"

In addition, Cramer thinks it's reasonable to think Statoil could gobble up Concho Resource, a company with Permian assets, including acreage in the Delaware Basin. "EOG has told us may be the next big shale play after the Eagle Ford in Texas and the Bakken in North Dakota could be in the Delaware Basin," Cramer said. "However, Concho's got a current market capitalization of $10 billion so it might be beyond reach."

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Finally, Cramer said SandRidge Energy could be in play. "It's a perennial for sale candidate with a caretaker management that sells for $5 a share. At $2.5 billion, it can be swallowed easily, but the quality of the assets is in question," he said.

Of course, Statoil's interest in any of these energy companies is purely speculative on the part of Cramer. Nonetheless, the Mad Money host believes that money will be deployed relatively soon. "Therefore, let the Statoil speculation begin!"

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