MPM Technologies Wholly Owed Subsidiary AirPol, Inc. Re-Launches Its Air Pollution Control Brand

SPOKANE, Wash., Aug. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AirPol, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MPM Technologies Inc. (OTC:MPML) has launched a new brand and focused business strategy. It's been 15 years since the AirPol, Inc. brand and website were in the garage for an overhaul. So, when Carbon Cycle Investments ("CCI") acquired a controlling interest in AirPol, through an April 2013 stock purchase agreement with its publicly traded parent company MPM Technologies (OTC:MPML), there was an opportunity to align AirPol's brand with CCI's vision.

AirPol is in business to ensure manufacturing-based companies comply with air pollution control standards while CCI's vision is to rebalance the carbon cycle on a global scale for the benefit of all living things and for generations to come.

"AirPol's products and solutions create a healthier environment, which aligns perfectly with our goals," says Peter Colella, interim CEO of CCI and MPM. "Moving forward, it is important that AirPol's brand image aligns with our vision for the future."

The new AirPol logo includes a sunrise icon in the center of three circular arrows. The arrows represent ongoing sustainability while the sunrise icon suggests clear skies (an important image for an air pollution control company) as well as new beginnings, which is an integral core value within all CCI companies.

In addition to a new website, AirPol has tightened its focus from being all things to all businesses in the air pollution control industry to a niche player focusing primarily on providing wet air pollution control solutions for clients in targeted industries.

"This tighter focus, along with a renewed commitment to our partners and suppliers, will only strengthen AirPol's position in the market," says Mr. Colella. "Even though the company is 45 years old, today feels very much like a new beginning."

Visit the AirPol website at to review the new branding and learn more about the company's products and services.

About AirPol, Inc.: AirPol, based in Ramsey, NJ, was founded in 1968 and is a global leader in wet scrubber air pollution control technology.

About MPM Technologies, Inc.: Spokane, WA-based MPM is the publicly traded parent company of AirPol and a developer of waste-to-value solutions.

About Carbon Cycle Investments, LLC: CCI is a Spokane, WA-based umbrella company overseeing businesses that stimulate social, economic and environmental sustainability.


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