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Dallas, TX, Aug. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ( - Americans are feeling the pinch of high healthcare costs, including at the eye doctor and dentist, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other experts say. They cite a two-fold problem: the costs for regular preventative exams have increased, and many don't have vision and dental insurance, leaving people with an expensive out-of-pocket bill., the Dallas-based site that allows consumers to compare, bid and save on health and wellness services, has hundreds of offers on eye and dental exams. The company works with quality North Texas providers and negotiates up to 85 percent off of procedures. At DealWell, consumers can quickly and easily compare the "Buy Now" price at providers near them and have the option to bid for an even deeper discount.

"Consumers shouldn't have to skip regular and necessary check-ups because they think they can't afford them," says DealWell President and Co-Founder Geoffrey Fischer. "We're proud that DealWell not only helps people save time and money, but also helps get people into doctors' offices when they otherwise might just stay home."

"Regular dental care is linked to good overall health too," says Dr. Clint Herzog, founder of Floss Dental, a DealWell provider. "Cavities and gum disease progress rapidly if they aren't immediately taken care of. And that can lead to severe pain, invasive procedures and even the loss of teeth."

Multiple studies by the CDC and private companies show that up to 75 percent of people surveyed typically go to the eye doctor or dentist only when there is a problem. They skip annual exams because of the cost, they don't feel like they need professional assistance or have trouble getting an appointment. Insurance also weighs into the equation as many consumers don't have vision or dental insurance.

The first website that allows consumers to compare, bid and save on health and wellness services, has more than 1000 offers from 200 providers across the Metroplex, in 10 major categories: chiropractic, cosmetic surgery, dental, eye exams and LASIK, hormone therapy, massage, medical imaging, medical spa and day spa, physicals and urgent care, and weight loss/management. DealWell negotiates discounts of up to 85 percent off retail price, and every offer has a "Buy Now" price and the ability to bid for even more savings. Unlike "daily deals" sites, offers on DealWell are available 24/7/365, and for every service consumers have a broad choice of providers. Purchases made on DealWell may be eligible for reimbursement from FSA/HSA plans or applicable to insurance deductibles, if the service is covered by the plan. Consumers are urged to check with their plan administrators for details.

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