Four CEOs that impress Jim Cramer

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Cramer always says top management is a key factor to consider when buying a stock. Therefore he watches the actions of executives very closely. And the Mad Money host likes what he's recently seen from these four managers.

With a slew of retail earnings flooding the Street, "Let's put the achievements of Hubert Joly of Best Buy, Richard Hayne of Urban Outfitters, Myron Ullman of JC Penney and Frank Blake of Home Depot in perspective," Cramer said.

Throughout the month, the Street heard from many companies that underwhelmed at best. "That includes top shelf retailers such as Nordstrom, Saks, Macy's and Wal-Mart," Cramer added. "Their earnings were all considered disappointing. All of them. We heard about the weather. We heard about the consumer's worries. We heard about gasoline and taxes."

However, that wasn't the case with any of the 'impressive' companies outlined above. "I didn't hear any of that talk from them These executives didn't need alibis. They delivered," he said.

And when most of the industry struggles to deliver, Cramer says that's the time to take notice. For example:

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- Best Buy reported its first quarterly profit in a year after keeping a tight lid on costs. Under Joly, Best Buy has lowered costs by removing layers of management, cutting jobs and closing some stores..

- Results from Urban Outfitters beat the Street and showed the company has been faring better than rivals due to its attractive pricing and fresher styles. Analysts say Hayne's focus on trendy and fashionable merchandise has helped it capture market share even in a weak consumer environment where mall traffic remains erratic and unpredictable.

- J.C. Penney sales improved from the previous quarter and back to school sales appear to be 'encouraging.' Also, "Ullman's bringing back old customers with the promotions that Penney's known for and he's emphasizing the private label brands that had been working before ousted CEO Ron Johnson came in," Cramer added.

- Home Depot beat quarterly profit and sales estimates, prompting the world's largest home improvement chain to raise its outlook for the fiscal year, all under the stewardship of Frank Blake.

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Those kinds of results Cramer says demand attention, especially if you're an investor looking to put money to work in the market.

If nothing more, results are a testimony to why "the person at the top matters," Cramer reminded. "The person in the corner office can turn an enterprise around. For that, I say lets give 'em a hand."

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