Ensurge, Inc. Announces Initial Gold Production in Guyana

PHOENIX, Aug. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ensurge, Inc. (OTCBB:ESGI), an Arizona based mining company that has been engaged in exploring and developing gold mining opportunities in Guyana is pleased to announce its first production of gold.

Kurt Nunes, Executive Vice President of TransGlobal, reports "We have produced just under three ounces after about three days of very preliminary operations. The significance of this production is that it is actual production and not just projections. We look forward to more."

Chad Mishleau, Guyana Operations Manager for TransGlobal, stated "Our dredging equipment arrived and was put in place just as heavy rains hit the region. Despite the complications arising from the weather, we were able to complete our initial mine engineering and start preliminary production runs."

Clint Mishleau, President of TransGlobal, stated "Logistical challenges for mining in a country like Guyana also provides rewards for those companies that persist. We have persisted and now have gold production."

Jeff Hanks, Ensurge CFO and Director, stated "As a practical matter, the Company has achieved more success in the past four months than in the prior twelve years. We officially now have revenue as a company in the gold mining sector. Our TransGlobal subsidiary is doing a great job."

Ensurge President Jamie Miller stated "No one can argue with production, and in the case of Ensurge, it has begun. More importantly, our business plan is scalable which allows us to increase production through deployment of additional equipment."

About Ensurge, Inc.

Ensurge, Inc. (OTCBB:ESGI) is an Arizona based mining company that has been engaged in exploring and developing gold mining opportunities in Guyana. The Company's primary focus is to bring capital and technology to existing mining operations to recover gold from existing tailings, improve recoveries of existing milling operations and improve mining operations in exchange for an interest in these operations.

About TransGlobal Corp.

TransGlobal Gold Corp. is a holding company organized to acquire and develop mining rights in Guyana. Operations may include either land or river dredging operations. TransGlobal is currently preparing for mining operations of approximately 2500 acres located adjacent to the Mazaruni River in Guyana. Website: www.transglobalgoldcorp.com

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