Transcend Computing Tackles Cloud Lock-in

Austin, TX, Aug. 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As enterprise adoption of cloud computing continues to grow, organizations are now facing the prospect of being locked into a single cloud provider due to a lack of cloud standards. By forcing customers to use their proprietary products, the restrictions on portability, cost competition and ecosystem offerings are mitigating the value of the cloud.

Transcend breaks the shackles of cloud lock-in by focusing on:

1. Providing solutions that adhere to the leading cloud API, Amazon Web Services

2. Leveraging today's most popular cloud platform, OpenStack

3. Offering both open source and commercial licenses that are enterprise ready

Unlike other multi-cloud management platforms that have shifted lock-in risk from cloud infrastructure to cloud platforms and management tools, Transcend is embracing ubiquitous API's with open source and offering the first truly open and portable multi-cloud management suite. Application developers and IT operators want simple, seamless cloud application deployment, management and portability that can be created, updated and moved on demand across public, private and hybrid clouds.

Today, Transcend is announcing the release of both Community and Enterprise Editions of StackStudio, an enterprise hybrid cloud management suite and TopStack, a comprehensive set of AWS compatible automation and platform services for private and hybrid deployment. The Community Edition is available under an open source license while the Enterprise Editions offer support, maintenance and extended features such as a feature-rich dashboard. Additional details are available directly from Transcend Computing.

About Transcend Computing

Transcend provides a standards-based multi-cloud management platform that enables applications to be deployed, updated and moved on demand across public, private and hybrid clouds. Transcend offers StackStudio™, an enterprise hybrid cloud management platform; TopStack™, a comprehensive set of AWS-compatible automation and platform services for private and hybrid deployment; and StackPlace, a rich catalog of ready-to-deploy AWS-compatible stacks. Together, these offerings provide a cost-effective alternative to costly proprietary cloud management tools, allowing developers and IT operators to rapidly deploy, scale and migrate applications.

CONTACT: Thomas Brown Source: Transcend Computing