As “Jobs” movie opens, buy Apple?

Tonight is the opening of "Jobs", starring Ashton Kutcher as the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Meanwhile, rumors abound that Samsung may beat Apple to market with a "smart watch" as early as next month.

Then you have billionaire investor Carl Icahn tweeting to the world that he bought shares in Apple and thinks they're undervalued. That tweet increased the total market value of the company by $12 billion that day alone. Icahn's position is believed to be worth $1 billion.

So, should you buy Apple even as it hovers around the $500 mark?

On CNBC's Closing Bell's Talking Numbers segment, Enis Taner, Global Macro Editor at, looks at Apple's charts. On the technicals is Tavis McCourt, analyst at Raymond James.

Watch the video above to see Taner and McCourt analyze Apple and decide for yourself if you should take a bite out of its stock.

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