This stock could perk up your portfolio

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will be taking LIFE out of the NASDAQ-100.

Vermont's most famous coffeemaker will be joining the index on August 22nd, replacing Life Technologies Corp. The biotech company will be removed from the index because it will be acquired by Thermo Fisher.

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Green Mountain's shares are up around 70% this year, and close to 200% over the last twelve months. Compare that to Life Technologies, which is up 47% and 57% during those respective time periods. Until Life Technology's merger announcement in April, the two stocks had a correlation of 0.6. That said, the NASDAQ-100 is weighted by market capitalization; Green Mountain's valued at $11 billion while Life Technologies is close to $12.9 billion.

In theory, stock prices should be indifferent to being added to an index. However, the more popular the index, the more likely it will be bought by ETFs and other funds.

Each of the four companies added the NASDAQ-100 before Green Mountain is up this year:

Company Dated added Return since added
Tesla July 15 12.6%
Netflix June 6 18.8%
Liberty Media June 5 16.5%
Kaft Foods March 18 4.4%

But, being in a stock index is one thing, what it does as a company is another. Herb Greenberg has long been following Green Mountain on CNBC and has said the most recent earnings report shows signs that growth may not be as good as expected. (On a side note, today is Greenberg's last full-time day at CNBC; he will remain as a contributor)

(Watch: Herb Greenberg's Green Mountain analysis)

So, will investing in Green Mountain perk up your portfolio?

We ask Steve Cortes, founder of Veracruz TJM, to look at the fundamentals. And, on the charts is JC O'Hara, Chief Market Technician at FBN Securities. Will shares bring investors a perk or should they quickly suffer the pains of withdrawal?

To hear Cortes and O'Hara analyze what's next for Green Mountain, watch the video above.

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