Cramer: ‘I’m plumb out of sectors worth buying’

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If you're a bull Cramer's got news. Profiting from this market could get a lot harder.

Although he believes with the Fed minutes out of the way, more buyers could be looking at the stock market, Cramer isn't sure they'll find a compelling place for their money.

The Mad Money host just can't find a sector that he likes very much.

"It's tough to buy the banks when authorities and regulators want to take them on for the sins of a past era," he said. With that degree of uncertainty looming over the financials, Cramer doesn't see any reason why investors would put more money in the space.

"We can't buy the bond market equivalent stocks, either," he added, "because rates are still going higher." And with rates going higher, Cramer believes investors could rotate out of dividend yielding blue chips, which in turn would send them lower.

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Cramer can't even get behind housing and housing related stocks after Home Depot closed lower after reporting what he considers terrific numbers.

And Cramer doesn't expect energy to attract new money anytime soon with Exxon closing lower almost every day. "It's gone down at least 19 out of 20 sessions. That's a remarkable statistic for the second largest company in the market."

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All told, the Mad Money host thinks the road ahead could be bumpy for the S&P 500.

Of course that's not to say there isn't opportunity in the market, there is. Cramer thinks if you delve deep into the market and isolate single stock stories, you can find buys. " Look at Celgene and Gilead or Google and Starbucks, they're worth grabbing on a pullback," Cramer said.

However single stock stories aren't typically enough to drive the entire market. And that's an issue for bulls. "For the time being, I'm plumb out of sectors worth buying," he said, "that is, until interest rates stabilize."

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