CNBC unleashes 'Decabox' for the Nasdaq 'Flash Freeze'

CNBC's "Decabox" - 10 people on screen at once.
Source: CNBC
CNBC's "Decabox" - 10 people on screen at once.

In what some are dubbing the "Flash Freeze," the Nasdaq halted trading in all securities on Thursday afternoon due to a problem affecting quote dissemination.

What caused the glitch? When will stocks resume trading? What does the NASDAQ have to say? Those were just some of the questions asked on CNBC during the hectic hours following the halt.

To discuss it all, the network whipped out the much-loved 'Decabox,' featuring 10 different people on 10 different cameras at the same time—twice.

(Watch the Decabox in action: Click here)

The social media world was pleased.