Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Farhad Hamdam, Offers Free Consultations for Motorcycle Accident Cases

Farhad Hamdam

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the NHTSA, nearly 100,000 motorcyclists are killed in crashes annually. Motorcyclists are nearly 40 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than drivers of other vehicles and are nearly 10 times more likely to be injured. Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, Farhad Hamdam, is offering free consultations for motorcycle accident cases.

Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable. Unlike cars, trucks and SUVs, motorcycles have no protective shell, no airbags and no seatbelts. Although motorcyclists can stay safer by following the rules of the road and wearing appropriate protective gear, they may not be able to prevent all types of crashes. Motorcycle accidents tend to include not just more fatalities than other vehicle accidents but can also have more catastrophic injuries. Motorcyclists are more likely to experience fractures, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, road rash, internal injuries and contusions.

These injuries can result in disability, and their victims can require extensive medical treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy and mental health care immediately after the accident and for weeks or months after. The physical, emotional and financial costs of motorcycle accidents can be steep. Victims of motorcycle accidents should contact an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after their accidents in order to protect their rights. An attorney can help motorcycle accident victims explore their options and file a personal injury suit if necessary to recoup their damages.

About Farhad Hamdam, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Farhad Hamdam is a skilled motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles with more than a decade of experience. He understands the devastation that can accompany a motorcycle crash, and he fights for his clients to help them achieve the maximum compensation possible. Mr. Hamdam attended UWLA, where he was a semi-finalist on the moot court and on the brief of distinction. He received a juris prudence award during his time there, and he was on the Dean's List before graduating in 1997. He was admitted to the California Bar just one year later, and today, Mr. Hamdam is licensed to practice throughout the state of California and in the U.S. District Court. Mr. Hamdam actively volunteers in non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, and he is fluent in English and Farsi.

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