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The Stone Mansion: It can be yours for $49 million

Can $49 million buy you paradise—or at least paradise in the Garden State?

The historic town of Alpine, N.J., has been home to R&B and hip-hop royalty, from Stevie Wonder to Sean Combs and Lil' Kim.

It's also the site of The Stone Mansion, an amazingly lavish house that, according to its owner, was where Napster founder and former Facebook President Sean Parker had his engagement party.

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This 30,000-square-foot house with its six acres is a lot of real estate. The residence includes 11 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a movie theater, a grand ballroom trimmed in 18-karat gold and a sports bar overlooking a basketball court.

The main kitchen features a $75,000 oven, refrigerated drawers and a high-tech cleaning system engineered into the floor.

"There is a vacuum system that is designed under the floor boards, so if any crumbs need to be swept up they simply do so," said the listing broker, Sherry Zimmer of Preferred International Realty.

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The property also includes a 65-foot saltwater swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.

"You could be flying into New York, and you could be heating up the Jacuzzi to have it ready when you get in," Zimmer said. She pegged the value of the landscaping at about $5 million and touted the carpeted, 11-car garage.

During a tour of the property with CNBC's Robert Frank, Stone Mansion's owner, Richard Kurtz, said he bought the estate in 2006 and subdivided into several luxury properties.

Stone Mansion is surrounded by two-foot-thick walls and 29 cameras that can be monitored from anywhere on earth. A walk-in vault secures cash and valuables, and the wine cellar requires biometric authentication to enter. The megatax bill: almost $300,000 per year.

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—By CNBC's Erica Emmich, Jennifer Schlesinger and Ray Parisi

Meet Stone Mansion's owner and get a VIP tour of this megamansion in CNBC's prime-time series "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," premiering Wed., Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. ET.

(CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misstated the number of acres the house is located on.)