Cramer's 12 stock watch list amid pullback

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With the S&P 500 trading about 2% lower this week only to bounce on Wednesday, the Mad Money host says it's time to think about putting money to work.

That is, making a list and checking it twice.

Now make no mistake, this isn't an all-clear sign. Geo-political issues involving Syria could flare at any time. There's also fear of Fed tapering, as well as concerns about another debt ceiling showdown looming over the market. And then there's ongoing fear about the impact of higher prices at the pump.

Nonetheless, "Once you believe the market has baked in the issues," Cramer says pull the trigger.

And as you prepare for that money making moment, "Let me give you the list I have been working off of," Cramer said.


"Two retailers stand out," Cramer said. "They are TJX because it sells off priced apparel and Urban Outfitters which is in the midst of a very exciting turn of fortunes."

The Mad Money host believes TJX is in the sweet spot after earnings revealed that that major department stores aren't selling as much apparel as expected. "TJX has the cash to take it off their hands, lower the prices yet still sell them to you for a hefty margin."

And Cramer believes that Urban Outfitters is a sum of the parts story. "We got fabulous numbers from Free People, excellent sales from Anthropologie and good reports from the flagship Urban store."

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A long-time fan of both Celgene and Gilead, Cramer says it's a good time to watch these stocks carefully.

"These are the two 'go to' biotech names with terrific earnings power and lots of drugs in the pipeline. However, they have already bounced," he said. "If we get another downdraft, that's when I would pull the trigger."


Cramer thinks Viacom belongs on your radar due to massive buybacks. "Here's a company that doubled its monster buyback from $10 to $20 billion. The stock's not given you a single break to get in. Still hasn't. That's the huge buyback just standing there. If I see this stock sell-off, I'm a buyer," Cramer said.

Health Care

Cramer believes Humana is a big winner under the Affordable Care Act. "This is a stock I never recommend because you haven't had a single pullback in the darned thing. Now you might get one and it could be a terrific place to go. "


On a pullback, Cramer says he'd buy EOG Resources and Pioneer Natural Resources; stocks he calls "the two hottest oil plays in this country. Be ready."

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Food & Beverage

In this space, Cramer is looking at B&G Foods. "It very rarely gives you a price break, but right now we have one. It's down almost ten percent from its high with an almost 4% yield." However, Cramer added a caveat. Most companies in the space are challenged. So make no mistake, "B&G Foods is the only consumer packaged goods play that should be bought at these levels," he said.

Cramer also suggests watching Starbucks. "I know a 5% pullback isn't that much but I don't expect to see a huge downdraft in this company's stock. It's numbers were just too darned great. This is one that I urgeyou to buy on any weakness."

In addition, Cramer recommends Whole Foods. "At $51 I think you have an amazing opportunity to buy this growth chain at a big discount," he said.


Although Cramer's well aware of the turbulence involving the 787, he doesn't think the near-term issues should distract investors from the long-term potential. "Boeing is a company with a 20 year outlook that reported a dynamite quarter. While it's never safe to say the Dreamliner's problems are behind it, we do know that airlines likes it's fuel efficiency and if overseas tension drive oil even higher, that's another reason to like Boeing."

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