Morning six-pack: What we're reading Thursday

Demonstrators outside a Wendy's restaurant in this file photo.
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Demonstrators outside a Wendy's restaurant in this file photo.

Happy Thursday ... unless, of course, you're a fast-food worker. Today you're angry and ready to tell the whole world why you should be making 15 bucks an hour. But first, a little libation:

We all want to cheer for beleaguered fast-food workers in their quest to double their salaries. But how would you feel about a $9 Big Mac? And there's the rub.

Pity the poor bitcoin, a rather clever way to protect against the foibles of the world's currency markets but also abused by some with nefarious intent, particularly those involved in the drug trade. Beware, though, because now bitcoin use can be tracked.

Oh, the poor rupee. With India's economy slowing—remember, the country is the "I" in the BRIC acronym—things are likely to get even worse for its battered currency.

And one more on the currency rounds: The U.S. dollar is getting slammed against the yen as reports intensify that President Barack Obama is willing to go it alone against Syria.

October is right around the corner and so brings the regrettable possibility of another freak Halloween storm. Maybe that's why investors are digging catastrophe bonds so much.

And, finally...regular readers of the morning six-pack know how fond we are of Larry Summers as he prepares to ascend to the top ranks of the Federal Reserve. Some market folks, in fact, are so upset that they're using the term "black swan" to describe his ascendance to the central bank throne.'s Katie Holliday explains.

—By CNBC's Jeff Cox. Follow him @JeffCoxCNBCcom on Twitter.