Dehaier Medical Established Server for Morpheus Ox System

BEIJING, Aug. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dehaier Medical Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq:DHRM) ("Dehaier" or the "Company"), an emerging leader in the development, assembly, marketing and sales of medical devices and homecare medical products, today announced that it has established a powerful server in Beijing for its Morpheus Ox software, which currently enables hundreds of hospitals to upload sleep data after patients use the sleep holters and simultaneously generates sleep diagnosis reports for patients.

The Morpheus Ox System is a cost-effective, portable home sleep diagnostic and monitoring solution that enables the diagnosis of sleep disorders using a standard oximeter recording plethysmograph signal. By collecting and recording the physiological data from patients who wear the watch-sized device at home, the advanced automatic sleep scoring software makes an accurate and reliable sleep study diagnosis, including Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), sleep/wake time, and Cheyne-Stokes breathing patterns. The new generation Morpheus Ox is a comprehensive platform that manages a cost-effective sleep services operation, including patient electronic medical records, and sleep diagnostics results, as well as complete workflow management. The web-based automatic scoring and data management are able to increase operational efficiency and provide opportunities for us to offer other services by giving users valuable and timely clinical information to improve patient treatment.

Mr. Ping Chen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dehaier Medical, commented, "We invited a senior IT engineer from WideMed Ltd. to support our establishment of an efficient and safe server for Chinese users. The server is scalable and can, if expanded, support the needs of China's estimated 50 million sleep apnea patients. In addition, it provides convenient and safe service to quickly generate sleep reports for patients. We believe the system's strength and speed will drive popularization of the Morpheus Ox in China."

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