GumAllograft.com Offers Information about Gum Grafting Procedures

Dr. Markzar

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A brand new website, GumAllograft.com, offers patients information about gum allograft surgery. Gum grafting is the practice of using gum tissue from a donor to replace gum tissue that a patient has lost as a result of periodontal disease, oral cancer, cosmetic soft tissue defects or trauma.

The gum grafting surgery procedure uses donated gum tissue that is removed during sterile operating room procedures. The donated tissue is carefully screened for Hepatitis B and C, HIV Types 1 and 2 antibodies, and syphilis to ensure that it is healthy, and the donor's medical and social history is carefully examined to rule out other potential problems with the donated tissue. Once the tissue has been found to be healthy, it is then kept in a tissue bank, where the United States Food and Drug Administration regulates the safe storage and handling of the tissue.

When the patient is ready for the gum tissue graft, he or she will come to their dentist's office for the gum graft surgery. The gingival graft surgery is performed under local anesthetic, and the patient can go home after the surgery. Postoperative care is similar to care after many other oral surgeries, including eating only soft foods, refraining from smoking and avoiding brushing or flossing the area with the healing tissue graft. You will be provided with a mouth rinse that will help to remove plaque and clean the area of food particles and bacteria until the tissue has healed. Your periodontist may also give you a prescription for pain medication, although most patients typically only report mild discomfort during the healing process. Healing of gingival tissue also tends to progress quickly.

Gum allograft surgery is only performed by a handful of highly qualified periodontists. These periodontists have received specialized training in the handling of the donated tissue and the techniques necessary to successfully place a gum allograft.

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Source: Sam Markzar, DDS