CNBC anchors on how they made it


It's not often that one imagines Carl Quintanilla opening fan mail for NPR, or Becky Quick giving capitol tours in Washington, D.C.

Nevertheless, it's true: Everyone has experienced intern status, or a comparable entry-level position, at some point during their career—even CNBC anchors (in Brian Sullivan's case, it was mowing lawns).

As a CNBC intern for the past seven months, I've come to truly admire and respect the on-air talent here at the network First In Business Worldwide. Expertly juggling breaking business and financial news, all the while engaging a worldwide audience is no easy feat.

But how did they get here?

That's what fellow CNBC intern Landon Dowdy and I set out to discover. "Behind the Biz" is the result—a seven-part video series where we turn the tables on CNBC anchors and reporters to find out how they got their start.

You can watch the entire series in a YouTube playlist here.

By Luke Leifeste, social media intern. Follow Luke on Twitter at @LukeLeifeste.