Cramer’s fantasy football stock picks

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"Believe it or not, putting together a top-notch portfolio is a lot like building a terrific fantasy football team," said Cramer.

That is, just as a sports team needs a wide array of high quality players, every portfolio needs a diversified collection of high quality stocks.

And with the 2013 NFL season kicking off this Thursday, Cramer thought there was no better time than to draft new stock picks.

Running Back

"Running backs are your principal scorers in football," explained the Mad Money host who is quite a sports enthusiast. "They're the most important day-to-day players on your team, they need strength and experience, and they have to put points on the board through thick and thin."

The Mad Money host believes the stock market equivalents are Boeing, United Technologies and Honeywell.

"Boeing comes back from injuries and comes back stronger to keep on taking yards. The stock is up 37% this year despite the Dreamliner battery issues, the fires, the sequester, and a choppy stock market," Cramer said.

Looking at United Technologies, Cramer added, that valuations are cheap and therefore he thinks the stock could still cover a lot of yardage. "United Tech sells for 14.6 times next year's earnings, with a 13.7% growth rate as well as a solid 2% yield."

As for Honeywell, he said, "it has a history of terrific execution, the company continues to win new business and if we get any acceleration in the global economy, it should run straight into the end zone."

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In football a valuable quarterback is a player who's consistent, someone who can throw passes reliably. And the Mad Money host believes Starbucks is the market equivalent.

"The company is a best in class operator, and just like Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the CEO, Howard Schultz, is the ultimate leader on and off the field. In its most recent quarter, Starbucks blew away the numbers with same store sales up 8% around the globe and up a staggering 9% in the Americas."

"Starbucks trades at 26.8 times next year's earnings estimates with a 19.6% long-term growth rate, and I think the stock quarterback can throw many more touchdowns before it gets sacked," Cramer said.

Also, Cramer thinks Disney CEO Bob Iger knows a thing or two about scoring points.

"People think Disney's hurt because its last quarter was lackluster, but I think Disney's healthy and can anchor your portfolio. The fact is, Disney's cable properties, including ESPN, are a fabulous business that's in tremendous shape. The theme park business was terrific. And while broadcast TV was weak, I think the rest of the company can balance that out going forward. "

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Tight End

"A tight end is the most flexible position on the field, a player who can run, block, and also catch passes," Cramer explained.

On Wall Street Cramer thinks that's 3M. "Their products range from Post-Its Notes to Thinsulate "and they always dominate their segment. Also the company has been a consistent performer, and any lift in the global economy should send the stock higher," he said.

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