Marc Faber plays word association

What would it be like to get one of the market's most famous contrarians on the therapist's couch? Viewers found out on Tuesday's "Futures Now," when host Jackie DeAngelis played the classic word association game with Dr. Doom himself, Marc Faber.

The game itself is simple. When presented with a word, the participant responds with the first word that comes to his head. It's thought to provide insight into the subconscious associations that people make, but it can also be a great deal of fun.

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Here, then, are the terms Marc Faber was provided with—and his responses.

Marc Faber and Sigmund Freud
Jonathan Fickles | Getty Images (L), Wikipedia (R)
Marc Faber and Sigmund Freud

Term: [Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke

Response: "A money printer."

Term: U.S. stocks

Response: "Better sell than a buy."

Term: Apple

Response: "A rotten apple."

Term: Brad Pitt

Response: "Should be president of the U.S."

His thoughts on stocks might not surprise you; after all, he still calls for a 20 percent correction this year. But his views on the 2016 presidential election have never before been revealed.

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As for what all of this says about Faber's subconscious—well, as a psychologist would say, that's open to interpretation.

—By CNBC's Alex Rosenberg. Follow him on Twitter: @CNBCAlex.

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