Martha Stewart dumped by JC Penney CEO Mike Ullman—report

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Martha Stewart's getting dumped by struggling retailer JC Penney, The New York Post reported.

Penney CEO Mike Ullman decided to do away with Stewart's home-goods line after they didn't sell well, The Post reported. The decision follows a long courtroom battle with Macy's about the partnership with the domestic maven.

"Mike said her designs aren't that great," according to an insider close to the company quoted by the paper. "He says they're not selling, and they're nothing that your normal Joe Schmoe can't come up with."

A ruling is expected within the coming days about the suit that was sparked by Macy's pre-existing licensing deal with Stewart.

"Ullman made the decision for the judge," according to a source briefed on the situation, the paper said. "They definitely are not going to carry [Martha Stewart home goods] any longer and [they are] not waiting for the court ruling."

J.C. Penney had no comment on the NY Post article.

But Martha Stewart Living later issued a statement denying there was any change in the relationship. "J.C. Penney remains one of our many retail partners," the company said. "Our agreement with them is in force, and we have no intention of ending it."

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