Morning Six-Pack: What we're reading Friday

Steve Ballmer
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Steve Ballmer

Happy Jobs Friday. You think we don't take this non—farm payrolls stuff seriously around here? Here's a live blog to prove how very wrong you are.

Steve Ballmer is a klutz. Wow, who knew? The outgoing Microsoft CEO, it seems, made a spectacle of himself during negotiations with Nokia for its smartphone division when he tripped over a coffee table and smacked his head open. We always knew the corporate world was dangerous, but, like, wow.

The left's assault on Larry Summers continues, as detailed in today's New York Times, which asserts that President Barack Obama has been eyeballing Summers as Federal Reserve chairman for, oh, a long time. On the other hand, Slate calls Summers "an Obama crony and Democratic Party hack," but actually thinks the probability that he would undermine the Fed's independence is a good thing. (Kudos to Slate for a hat tip of sorts to our man, John Carney.)

We're not really going to "war," and Jonah Goldberg thinks Obama is being "incredibly stupid" in his Syria strategy.

One need not necessarily love Bitcoins to embrace the concept of electronic money. Here are 18 ways and then some explaining how e-cash can become reality.

The exacerbation of skewed wealth distribution is a key feature of quantitative easing, as has been documented on numerous occasions. As part of this phenomena, there's also a case to be made that QE's boosting of housing prices during the recovery has just added to that disparity.

And, finally...we're not making any of this up. Some McDonald's customer in Singapore claimed to find a baby lizard in her chicken sausage McMuffin. (Chicken sausage? Seriously?) Anyway, tests proved this not to be the case. Whew!

By CNBC's Jeff Cox. Follow him @JeffCoxCNBCcom on Twitter.