Los Angeles Invisalign Provider, Dr. Ghasri, is Offering a Promotion on Invisalign

Dr. Ghasri

Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles Invisalign provider, Dr. Poneh Ghasri, is now offering a promotion on Invisalign. Invisalign is the clear alternative to traditional braces and offers comfortable, discreet straightening of most types of misalignments and malocclusions. It uses a series of clear, plastic aligners that make precise movements over the prescribed treatment period, which can range from a few months to about a year.

Dr. Ghasri, Los Angeles Invisalign provider, is now offering free Invisalign consultations so that prospective and current patients can learn more about their options. Each consultation will include free dental X-rays, impressions, photos and other records as well as a free teeth whitening procedure and up to $100 off the necessary treatment. This special can dramatically reduce the overall cost of treatment with Invisalign and is worth up to $900. Some limitations may apply, and the offer is only good through September 30, 2013. Some patients may also be eligible for reimbursement through their FSA plans, and qualified patients may benefit from no-interest financing, which can make treatment even more affordable.

Invisalign can be an appropriate treatment option for teens and adults with crossbite, overbite, underbite, widely spaced teeth or crowded teeth. Treatment time can vary widely and is based on several factors, including the severity of the orthodontic issues that are being corrected and the ultimate smile goals.

Patients who choose Invisalign can enjoy comfortable orthodontic treatment without the irritation of metal brackets. They can continue eating their favorite foods and can maintain good dental hygiene habits without the inconvenience of braces. Not all patients are candidates for Invisalign, but many are. This consultation allows people to determine if Invisalign is right for them and learn more about other treatment options that can improve their dental health.

About Dr. Ghasri, Invisalign Provider Los Angeles

Dr. Poneh Ghasri is an experienced Los Angeles Invisalign provider. She received her degree in neuroscience from UCLA's College of Letters and Science and completed her DDS at UCLA's School of Dentistry. She has since continued her education in the fields of implant and cosmetic dentistry.

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