Fake CNN spam says Syrian bombing has begun

Mike Kemp | Rubberball | Getty Images

There's a fake CNN report going around via spam saying "The United States began bombing!" in Syria, and clicking it may result in malware downloading onto your device.

Clicking "Full story" after the two-sentence lead triggers the download of a Trojan Downloader and various other malware, computer security company Kaspersky Lab told CNBC. The spam targets older, vulnerable versions of Adobe Reader and Java.

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The two sentences contain conspicuous errors: "(CNN) -- Pentagon officials said that the United States launched the first strikes against Syria. It was dropped about 15 bomn on stalitsu syria Damascus. Full story >>"

The fake report is attributed to the real CNN correspondent Casey Wian, and may be accompanied by a photograph showing billowing black smoke over a street scene.

President Barack Obama has called for military action in Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the regime of President Bashar Assad, but his plans have met with stiff opposition both at home and abroad.

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By CNBC's Matt Twomey. Follow him on Twitter @Matt_Twomey.