Game plan: Cramer’s top ideas for week ahead

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Broadly, Cramer believes the week ahead will be all about interest rates and Syria.

Therefore, "I'm sticking by my overall game plan to sell stocks into any big strength, so that you can buy them back later on huge weakness caused by these two prevailing issues," he said.

However, as Cramer so often says, there's always a bull market somewhere and he believes if you dig down into the market right now you'll find a slew of catalysts that could drive an advance in single stocks if not an entire sector.

Following is a list of the earnings, data releases and other events Cramer intends to watch closely between Monday September 9th and Friday September 13th.


Retail will be front and center on Monday with Cramer parsing through results from PVH and Five Below. "Apparel has been weak in this country but I believe it's getting stronger overseas, which could mean good things for PVH," Cramer said. "Also, the dollar stores are saying terrific things, which could be a good omen for Five Below. If you're looking to buy, Cramer suggests Five Below. "I would buy half ahead of the quarter and buy the other half if there's any weakness."

Also, therapies for all kinds of diseases will be top of mind as Morgan Stanley kicks off its health care conference. Cramer intends to monitor developments, carefully.

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Apple's much anticipated 'September 10th event' will get Cramer's attention on Tuesday. "I think we will finally get a look at the new Apple phones that people have been buzzing about and I think that, after this very big run off the bottom, the meeting will be a catalyst for analysts to raise their price targets, almost all of which were cut during Apple's sickening slide back to the $300s. Unlike most Apple meetings past, nobody's expecting much from the company, so if they say anything interesting or show anything exciting, this stock could travel still higher."

Also Cramer will look to Restoration Hardware and its earnings release to either confirm or deny his thesis that consumers are still spending, they're just spending on big ticket items such as furniture. "The stock sold off for several weeks during the interest rate shock but now it's been coming back and I think it will reward those who own it," he said.

In addition, the state of the global economy will land front and center with new industrial production numbers from China. "Many people have given up on China. That could be a big mistake."

On top of all that, "Deutsche Bank's tech conference kicks off Tuesday, and also Goldman Sachs starts its global retailing pow-wow," Cramer said. "And Baird has its own healthcare conference, too!"

It's a busy day.

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Cramer will be playing detective on Wednesday as he turns his attention to earnings from Men's Wearhouse. "I want to hear what the new management has to say and perhaps get some clues about what really got former CEO George Zimmer canned."

"And I wouldn't miss the health care conferences hosted Bank of America and Stifel also on Wednesday," Cramer added.


On Thursday Cramer plans to give full attention to Lululemon as the company gives results. "Remember Lululemon is losing its long-time CEO, Christine Day so there's no telling what could occur here. I find that a tad worrisome."

Also grocery store stocks will come into focus with earnings from Kroger. "I like Kroger because it has a ton of knock-off private label goods, which have higher margins than the nationally branded stuff. If you're looking for stock ideas, in this space I also like Whole Foods," Cramer added. "If Kroger reports a good number I'm looking for Whole Foods to print new highs."


On Friday Cramer as well as the rest of the market will be looking over August retail sales. "If retail sales are strong, that could be a sign that the Fed's going to be less accommodative and, remember, that probably means a tougher, less benign stock market," Cramer said.

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