Chiropractic Clinic in Canton Tests Patients' Need for Nutritional Therapy

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CANTON, Ohio, Sept. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Canton chiropractor is employing a time-tested natural technique for evaluating patients' needs for nutritional therapy. Dr. Michael James and Dr. Nathan Sikora of the Center for Holistic Medicine claims that a method known as nutrition response testing can establish whether an individual is suffering from insufficient amounts of specific nutrients. The testing process, which involves checking body's various reflex points for signs of stress, helps the clinic prescribe the correct remedy, such as a detox purification program, or specific whole food concentrates. "This form of diagnostic testing makes it easier for us to prescribe the correct therapy," Dr. Sikora says.

According to Canton chiropractors Dr. James and Dr. Sikora, nutritional imbalances can cause a wide range of health and wellness issues, ranging from weight problems to organ, muscle and nervous system impairment.

"The body requires a precise balance of key nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in order to perform its multitude of daily tasks. Unfortunately, the prevalence of highly processed or 'junk' foods in the modern diet can make it difficult for people to give their bodies the fuel it needs," Dr. Sikora explains. The practitioner adds that even when the proper foods are consumed, the additional ingestion of toxins from air, food and water can undermine the body's ability to use those raw materials.

Dr. James observes that while some of these toxins, such as the preservatives and additives in processed foods, can be sidestepped through careful dietary planning, others are practically impossible to avoid. When these toxins enter the body, he adds, they can take up residence in fat cells, encouraging obesity while interfering with normal physical processes.

The chiropractors share that nutrition response testing is based on the ancient science of reflexology. The practitioner relies on the same set of reflex points known for thousands of years to acupuncturists to determine whether nutritional deficiencies exists in the patient's body.

Dr. James describes the process as a relatively simple one as far as the patient is concerned. "The patient merely extends one arm straight out in the air while we activate various reflex points, each of which relates to a different organ or system in the body. If touching one of these points causes the arm to drop or weaken, then we know that that particularly organ or system is affected by toxins and/or poor nutrition," he explains.

The results of the nutrition response testing helps the chiropractors come up with a customized detox purification program to release pent-up toxins, followed by a nutritional therapy program to rebalance and replenish the body. Testing is recommended for anyone suffering from chronic fatigue, headaches or related symptoms, and for those seeking to enhance their health and wellness routine.

In addition to its detox purification program and nutritional services, the Center for Holistic Medicine offers chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, massage, physical rehabilitation, exercise programs and preventative health and wellness evaluations.

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