Premiere Opportunities Group, Inc announces Hispanica International Delights of America files S-1 Registration Statement and DPO

Totowa, NJ, Sept. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premiere Opportunities Group, Inc ("OTCQB: PPBL") is pleased to announce that HIDA an advisory client of our wholly owned subsidiary Trident Merchant Group, Inc ("TMG") has filed a Direct Public Offering of up to $500,000 of its shares for sale under an S-1 Registration Statement.

Chris H Giordano Premiere's President stated that The Direct Public Offering or DPO is a format we intend on using with many of TMG's advisory clients. There is a serious void of equity financing for companies that are in need of $1,000,000 or less to either launch a well thought out business plan or expand an already successful one thru the use of capital and corporate currency. With credit very tight for businesses in general there is no where for the NANO CAP size company to look except the equity markets.

Unfortunately there is a vast shortage of investment banking firms to assist companies that are in need of small amounts of capital and in there lies the opportunity to use the DPO as a mechanism for attaining finance thru investors that may not qualify as accredited but can buy an IPO or DPO which includes our own shareholders whom can attain a prospectus by calling the company directly.

We are in late stage discussions with several companies to help them deploy this strategy and look forward to opening up the door to finance for these companies like Hispanica International Delights of America.

Fernando Leonzo HIDA's President stated "We are pleased to be working with Trident's team of professionals and we look forward to building potentially one of the most successful Ethnic Food and Beverage Companies in the country. There are tremendous opportunities in what is a truly emerging market right here in the United States. We along with assistance from Trident whom shares our beliefs and vision will build this company thru an efficient use of capital and the aggressive use of our corporate currency.

Chris H Giordano further stated "With the changing shift in demographic growth, the Hispanic market represents a tremendous opportunity to market consumer staples in both the foodstuffs and beverage categories to an extremely brand loyal ethnic group. The density of buying power that this group represents originally fueled the growth of companies like Goya Foods and Gruma Corporation the worlds largest manufacturer of tortillas.

The Hispanic population represents over 17% of our population or 51 million people. Within that figure are several distinct groups with Mexicans representing 65% of that number the Puerto Rican sector representing over 9.5% and the balance of the US Hispanic population being represented by several Central American, South American and Caribbean Island populations.

The buying power represented by the Hispanic population in the food and beverage category is expected to reach over $17 Billion by 2017 according to a report released by PR Newswire. HIDA's goal is to ignite its business plan within that growth.

In many cases each particular group has its own brand which they prefer over other brands and HIDA is looking to service not only the mainstream Hispanic market but also its subcategories with the brands they prefer. Since the industry servicing this population is highly fragmented it opens up the door to both aggressive growth thru HIDA's own brands and the acquisition of other brands in order to gain a meaningful market share.

We are very pleased to be working with HIDA's team and look forward to assisting them with their quest to become a force within the Hispanic markets.

CONTACT: Chris H Giordano 973-291-8900 Source:Premiere Opportunities Group, Inc.