Pearly Whites Permanently Align: Dr. Andrei Mark Provides Immediate Extraction & Immediate Implants In New York, Closing the Gap On Restorative Dentistry


New York, Sept. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Andrei Mark, D.D.S. of Central Park Oral Surgery employs immediate extraction & immediate implants in New York City, the most recent development in implant dentistry, so patients can enjoy permanently aligned pearly whites without a time gap between tooth extraction and a dental implant procedure. Traditional techniques required six months for the extraction socket to heal before implants could be placed. Thanks to the advanced techniques practiced at Central Park Oral Surgery, however, extraction and implantation can be performed in one, outpatient procedure.

Over the past thirty years, overwhelming research has been conducted on implant dentistry, resulting in exciting advances in the field. Jaw bone has been found to fill the socket after tooth extraction through natural bone growth processes. "By placing an implant in an extraction socket that is preprogrammed for bone growth, we are allowing for two things to happen at the same time. One, the placement of implants and bone maturation, and two, the normal process of an extraction socket healing," informs Dr. Mark. By using the natural healing processes of the socket extraction, patients can enjoy an immediately loaded, weight-bearing implant, also known as Teeth In A Day, directly following tooth extraction within the same procedure.

Dr. Andrei Mark's expert training and experience allows him to provide immediate extraction & immediate implants in NYC on more qualified patients than traditionally considered candidates for this procedure. A separation between the dental implant and natural bone can potentially occur despite natural bone growth in the extraction socket if the socket is larger than the size of the implant. This is known as epithelial migration. To prevent epithelial migration from occurring in these circumstances, "the remaining space should be filled with bone grafting material in order to allow bone bridging between the outer surface of the bone and implant," Dr. Mark explains, "Sometimes a membrane will be used to cover the defect and prevent epithelial migration between the bone and the implant."

In addition to the convenience of receiving implants the same day as extraction, "Teeth In A Day" can also be utilized for multiple teeth extractions. Dr. Andrei Mark's favorite technique is a full mouth reconstruction with extraction of marginal teeth. "Rather than placing a denture, which most patients have difficulty tolerating, I can fit my patients with an immediate fixed roundhouse bridge connected to the six to eight new implants," Dr. Mark states. Patients whose quality of life is lowered by their loose teeth finally have an option other than dentures. The Tooth In A Day roundhouse bridge is a permanent dental solution that looks and feels like real teeth and can provide life-changing results, both cosmetically and functionally.

Close the gap in your smile today instead of tomorrow with Dr. Mark's revolutionary restorative treatment, immediate extraction & immediate implants in New York. Anyone interested in learning more about this procedure, tooth extractions, Teeth In A Day, or discussing the new and exciting possibilities in implant dentistry can call Central Park Oral Surgery at our Madison Avenue office at 212-813-0707, e-mail Dr. Andrei Mark your questions at info@CPOMS.com, or request an appointment online to schedule a personal consultation.

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Source:Central Park Oral Surgery-The Dental Implant Specialists