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NOVOSIBIRSK, Russia and LAS VEGAS, Sept. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NeuroMama, LTD (OTCQB:NERO), parent company of NeuroMama.com, the world's first neural technology-powered search engine, today announced the beta release of kids.neuromama.com, an advanced Web portal designed to deliver both the best of existing Internet content and original educational games, multimedia entertainment, do-it-yourself projects and music to children from pre-school through high school via age-verified mini portals.

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Unlike most childhood-themed websites which limit themselves to one, two, to or three categories of interest to young people, kids.neuromama.com was planned in conjunction with leading educators and child psychologists to captivate the virtually unlimited, not-yet-fully-formed imaginations of young people by including everything from strikingly animated, 3D, NeuroKids action adventurers, to live bands, to classic videos and books, to ideas for non-electronic things to make and do, to the latest unbiased sports, entertainment, fashion, and social news of interest to our juvenile user base.

Fully cognizant of the millions of especially challenged children, most of them largely underserved by traditional children's websites, kids.neorumama.com will also include substantial games, stories, educational, and how-to content designed to be enjoyed by these very special children either by themselves or in a conjunction with a caring parent or sibling.


In addition to becoming a world leading Web destination for children, kids.neuromama.com will expand far beyond the four walls of the online information and entertainment box by introducing the NeuroMania brand of electronics, clothes, accessories and even live performance circus and musical touring acts designed specifically for the youth market.

The first members of this product line scheduled to appear are children's versions of the highly advanced, Android-powered, NeuroPad, NeuroBook and NeuroPhone. Built into replicas of kids.neuromama.com's exclusive cartoon characters, these fully functional portable computing devices will retain the power and performance of their adult market counterparts while featuring both built-in and parental controls restricting access to harmful and/or dangerous content.

Each NeuroPad, NeuroPhone and NeuroBook will also feature highly customized browsers containing tens of thousands of links to quality children's pages organized by type of content, age and/or gender demographics, etc. Through Christmas, the children's versions of the NeuroPad and NeuroPhone will only be available on neuromama.com and kids.neuromama.com. They will also be available from select retail chains and online electronics vendors shortly after the first of the year.

Other products in the NeuroMANIA product line will include clothing and shoes, children's furniture, school supplies, makeup and toiletries, wall paper, posters, cardboard cutouts and other room décor, costume jewelry, watches, story books, and music, video, game and cartoon DVDs and downloads.

According to NeuroMama, LTD President and CEO Igor Weselovsky, the one constant behind every facet of kids.neuromama.com and all other current and future NeuroMama, LTD, initiatives involving children and young adults is the physical, mental and emotional safety and security of its users.

"Everyone always says children are our future," Weselovsky said while noting that kids.neuromama.com will be secured by both membership profile data verification protocols and constant, 24/7/365 data transfer monitoring by humans. "What they almost never bother to add is that children are also our present. As parents, grandparents, even as uncles and aunts and older brothers and sisters the children are the things nearest and dearest and closet to us right now, today, in the present.

"These children are also going to be our future, that is true. Our society's future, humankind's future. So my question, my concern, is what kind of future will that be if we continue to let them be exploited by the moguls of depravity in the entertainment and game world and abused, raped and stalked by real-world perverts using the Internet as their hunting preserve?," Weselovsky added.

"If we continue to sanction child molestation and abuse by encouraging and investing in Internet applications and networks which wink, nod and callously bank the money they earn from enticing the maximum number of sexual predators, psychotics and emotional as well physical rapists to their sites.

"You've probably heard, everyone has heard, that right now, right now despite all the advances in criminal tracking and investigation and communications systems of the past 20 years, the buying and selling of children into slavery, most often sexual slavery, is at its highest point in history," Weselovsky continued.

"Of course, the media doesn't like the phrase 'buying and selling of children into slavery' so they use the word 'trafficking,' they think trafficking won't generate the kind of public outrage 'slavery' does. But whatever you call it, it is, right now, in this so-called technologically enlightened age, an epidemic. And the main reason for that is the irresponsibility of internet companies and the acquiescent governments that allow these companies to empower pedophiles and kidnappers, child buyers and child sellers, to find victims, connect with interested customers and plan their getaways.

"Can we as a young startup venture, put an end to this disgraceful chapter in human history?" Weselovsky asked. "Of course not, not by ourselves and not overnight. But we will join with others having the same goal by raising funds for save the children efforts through our affiliation with the Amnistya Foundation.

"And we will help children avoid the snares and snake pits so prominent on some other sites by offering web alternatives like kids.neuromama.com and our upcoming NeuroMANIA.net Social Network, which will use traditional methods like quick personality profiling and advanced technologies like facial-photography age analysis and verification to root out adults intending to use the network for one form of child abuse or another."


This document may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. Further information on these and other Risk Factors that could affect our financial results is included in the reports and filings we make with the Securities and Exchange Commission.



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