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Famous (and infamous) big money moments in game show history

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Big money moments in game show history

Game shows began airing in the U.S. in the 1950s. Sixty years later, they continue to provide American television viewers with some of their most treasured memories. Richard Dawson yelling, "Survey says!" Regis Philbin asking if that's a contestant's final answer. Bob Eubanks asking newlyweds their favorite location in which to make whoopee.

Like any other long-running entertainment format, the game show has had its ups and downs, and has been declared dead numerous times. However, it seems like every time the form is thought to have drawn its last breath, a new spin comes along to revitalize it. Quiz shows gave way to panel shows, which gave way to team competitions, family competitions, and highly competitive, physically challenging shows in which contestants vie to be the last one standing.

Game shows provide high drama combined with big money, a mixture that's kept viewers glued to their TVs for decades. Read ahead to see CNBC.com's list of some of the most memorable big money moments in this highly popular form.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 9 Sept. 2013

Image source: Frederick M. Brown | Getty Images